Nuovo Quartetto Pianistico Italiano

two pianos eight hands

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Curricula      Italiano

The Nuovo Quartetto Pianistico Italiano proposes a vast original literature rediscovered in important European libraries and antique book shops and transcriptions for two pianos at eight hands, which ranges from emblematic examples of 'musique de salon' to spectacular transcriptions of symphonic works. Numerous fantasies on themes from operas have also been included. Contemporary music, also, has been given particular importance: both Italian and foreign composers have written pieces especially for the quartet. The considerable dynamic and rhythmical potential which distinguishes this group has inspired contemporary composers in the creation of their themes. The romantic repertoire of the Nuovo Quartetto Pianistico Italiano also includes compositions of particular musicological interest, reminiscent of the nineteenth-century traditions of Schubert, Rossini and great piano schools.

The members of the Nuovo Quartetto Pianistico Italiano are:


They have played as soloist or in chamber groups at prestigious halls like the Athen's Conservatory, the National Palace of Culture in Sophia, the State University of San Francisco, the 'P.I.Tchajkovskij' Conservatory in Moscow, the National Auditorium in Madrid, the Zelt Musik Festival in Freiburg, the Gasteig in München, the Auditorium 'S.Fedele' and the Conservatory 'G.Verdi' in Milano, the 'Bibiena' Theater in Mantova, the Opera Theater in Montecarlo. They have done recordings for the Vatican and Spanish Radio, for the Phoenix Classics, Dynamic, Carisch, Musique du Monde, VMC Classics and REM Record Companies and for the Italian, German, Bulgarian, Tunisian, Russian, Portuguese, Rumanian and Moldavian State Televisions.