Nuovo Quartetto Pianistico Italiano

two pianos eight hands

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Franco Giacosa

via Martinengo, 10
I - 17100 Savona

phone:+39/ 019/825742


Franco Giacosa holds a diploma in pianoforte with full marks from the Conservatoire of Music N.Paganini at Genoa. He has subsequently studied the organ and organ composition, the harpsichord, and choral and orchestral direction. A wellknown concert musician, he collaborates with soloists of international stature. He has toured in Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Jugoslavia, Tunisia, USSR, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland as well as making various recordings for the Vaticano Radio, the Italian state television, the Soviet and Bulgarian state television, Tunisian TV, etc. He combines his activity as organist with that of choral and orchestral conductor. He was the founder and permanent conductor of the Coro e Orchestra Sinfonica e da Camera di Savona, as wells as a founder of the Duo Sivori (violin and piano), and of the Strauss Ensemble. Collaborator and conductor at the opera house in Alessandria, he has also worked at the City Theatre in Genoa, in Savona, and at Theatre alla Scala in Milan. He has given masterclass at Macerata, Alassio, Cuneo, Genova. He teaches at the State Conservatoire of Music G.F.Ghedini of Cuneo. Discography: Dynamic: 'Camillo Sivori'- Romanze, Fantasie e Trio for violino, cello and piano; Carisch: S.Calligaris - Concerto op.25 - Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo, F. Giacosa conductor.