Nuovo Quartetto Pianistico Italiano

two pianos eight hands

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Giuseppe Giusta

via Bassignano, 33
I - 12100 Cuneo

tel. +/39/0171/696283

e-mail: giusta.giuseppe(at)

Giuseppe Giusta studied pianoforte with Guglielmo Antoniotti at the Conservatory of Music of Cuneo, obtaining a first class diploma summa cum laude. He then specialised in the chamber music repertoire with Maureen Jones and Dario De Rosa at the Fiesole School, subsequently attending courses and seminars with Nicola Hansalik-Samale, Peter Erdei, Sergiu Celibidache and Kurt Suttner in order to become an orchestra and choir conductor. He has been awarded prizes in many contests and has taken part, both in Italy and abroad, as soloist in concerts, in various chamber groups, as orchestra conductor and piano accompanist in the opera repertoire. He has been in Italy and abroad (Greece, Bulgaria, Mexico, USA, Korea,  Croatia, Tunisia, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Spain etc.), playing at prestigious halls like the New York Metropolitan Museum, Athens Conservatory, the National Palace of Culture in Sophia, the Music Academy in Zagreb, the Tchajkovskij Conservatory in Moscow, Ateneul of Bucarest and the National Auditorium in Madrid. He has made radio and television recordings for RAI 1, Radio 3, Radio nacional de Espaņa, Radiovaticana, ASIA TV, etc. In the musicological sphere Mr. Giusta has also concerned himself with the revision of unpublished works of the XVIIIth century and with the production of numerous Italian intermezzos, including Serpilla e Bacocco by G.M.Orlandini, published by Ut Orpheus editions at Bologna. This is the founder of Quartetto Pianistico Italiano, two pianos height hands; with this group recorded a CD produced by Phoenix Classics recording corporation. He is, furthermore, the founder and permanent conductor of the Laboratorio didattico Teatrale-Musicale Orchestra of Boves (CN) and also acts as professor of Piano Accompanist in the Conservatory of Music of Cuneo.